Christopher Murray

Initial NYS Certification in Physical Education Grade K-12
American Red Cross CPR/AED
American Red Cross First Aid

Bachelor of Science, Physical Education, December 2008
The College at Brockport, State University of New York

Russell I Doig Middle School, Trumansburg, New York            10/17/08 - 12/10/08
Student Teacher
           Taught a project adventure unit for grades five, six, seven and eight. The project adventure unit helped students develop leadership, team building and problem solving skills while gaining the benefits of physical activity.
           Maintained a safe learning environment with developmentally appropriate tasks, progressions, supervision and site inspections.
           Students were made aware of opportunities in their community where they could participate in project adventure activities such as rock wall climbing.

Trumansburg Elementary School, Trumansburg, New York       09/02/08 - 10/15/08
Student Teacher
           Taught kindergarten and grades first, second, third and fourth a cooperative games unit. During the cooperative games unit students learned to encourage, trust, work with, and communicate with each other effectively while gaining the benefits of being physically active.
           Taught kicking using the skill theme approach. Students showed an improvement on their ability to kick and their understanding of spatial awareness, effort and relationships.
           Maintained a safe learning environment with developmentally appropriate tasks, progressions, supervision and site inspections.

Ithaca City School District, Ithaca, New York                                Fall 2009-present
Substitute Teacher
  • Substitute taught grades K-12 all subjects.

Trumansburg Modified Football, Trumansburg, New York        Fall 2008
Assistant Coach
           Organized daily practice.
           Responsible for defensive play calls and substitutions during games.
           Determined the positioning of players through evaluation of each player's knowledge and physical ability.
           Built and maintained a good relationship with all the athletes and their parents.

Trumansburg Modified Boys Basketball, Trumansburg, New York        Winter 2008
Volunteer Assistant Coach
           Helped organize daily practices.
           Assisted head coach with offensive structure and philosophy.
           Helped determine the best positioning of players through evaluations of each players skills and knowledge.

Sweden/Clarkson Community Center, Brockport, New York   Spring 2008
Head Youth football coach
           Volunteered to coach 7-8 year old children fundamental football skills.
           Helped operate an 8 man youth football league for local children.

Ithaca College Football, Ithaca, New York                 Fall 2009
JV Defensive Backs coach
  • Video editing for Defense
  • Assistant Strength and Conditioning
  • Equipment Issue